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Owari No  Seraph Background.... by Kookie-Chewer Owari No Seraph Background.... :iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 10 11
Owari No Seraph Ask The Characters ~#2
//Suzume enters the Room with a Girl with wavy waist length black hair with a blue flower hair clip//
Suzume: So you get the whole concept right Aiko?
Aiko: //Aiko nods// Y-Yeah if i mess up please don't get mad!
Suzume: //Smiles// I won't i can tell you're gonna be a better co-host then Haruka.
Aiko: Haruka Wasn't that bad....i guess.
Suzume: Oh she Was TERRIBLE Honestly i had to refrain myself from killing her pet rock.
Aiko:...Wait.A Rock?
Suzume: Don't think about it too much Aiko,It'll hurt you.
Aiko: //Nods// Ok.
//Suzume lets out a shrill whistle and at once the entire ONS cast runs into the room and sits on the huge couch//
Suzume: Hey Guys!It's been a while ain't it?
//They all death glare Aiko and Suzume causing Suzume to sweatdrop and Aiko to nervously stand behind her//
Suzume: Can you guys Fucking not!You're Creepin' Aiko out Who is our new Co-Host.
Makoto: Shes kinda cute...
//Everyone wolf Whistles causing both Aiko and Makoto to blush while Suzume stands there internall
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 2 6
Owari No Diary Entry:Noble Trio Edition
Guren Ichinose
My Training bra will got to Shinya Because god knows why that guy keeps squeezing his tits and my hetalia mochi collection goes to Yuu......
Shit I own Yuu i can't give him anything...uhhh shit well Kureto can have Yuu i mean nothing bad is gonna happen Kureto will Just run tests on That idiot.
See you on the flip side diary.
Kureto Hiragi
Dear Diary,
That's it,I've had enough.I have a heavy burden i must share with you...that burden eyebrows.
For the past seven years all i've been hearing is "Ayyy look at this man wit' sum' hella awkward brows.Them shits look like boomerangs."Which is why i've passed a law saying everyone must have zig zag eyebrows and if they refuse to get these brows they must commit seppuku.
I'm such a genius.
Ok i must
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 1 4
BTS Jin Clap by Kookie-Chewer BTS Jin Clap :iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 5 5 RP-Of-The-End Suzume Tatagami OC by Kookie-Chewer RP-Of-The-End Suzume Tatagami OC :iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 10 10 BTS Jin Burger Boi by Kookie-Chewer BTS Jin Burger Boi :iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 6 14
20 Ways To Win Him Over:Mikaela Hyakuya.Ver~ONS
Hiya there.*intense waving*You must be the girl Mika's been going on about.My name is irrelevant i hope you remember that.Sorry for staring but...I seriously hate Your eyebrows like what the fuck are those?You know what.Lets get into it before i roast your Petty-ass.
1. Mika needs to be fed dandelions at 12:59pm.It stops him from leaking angst juices.If you don't know what angst juices don't worry!It's just code for crying.Mika cries a lot because he has a lot of hurt feelings (aww poor baby) so fed him dem dandy-lions XD
2.Stroke his boots...It turns him on in more ways you can believe.He will start off with small growls of arousal and before you know it he owns your ass.
(as you can see my fics are PG-7 XD )
3.)He likes sing Si Javais un Marteau because hammers are awesome.Whenever he sings this song you must do the carlton dance.He will propose to you right at that moment.
4.)Wake him up by placing his left hand in lava.He will be happy to see your face and his hand melting off at a
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 8 20
If BTS knew how crazy international Armies are XDD
Jungkook: Why do people say puberty has hit me like a bus....Is it because i'm taller then Jimin?I really haven't changed!
Jimin:Whats a Jibooty?Wait...why does my booty have it's own tumblr fan page...I don't know whether this is daebak or spooky.
Suga: *too busy sleeping*
Rapmonster: *Puts on granny glasses* You got no jams.......Jimin,they must be talking about you.
Jin: *Eating food* wow efferywun luffs my mokbeng!
J-hope: I'M NOT A WHORE!
V: *Trying to communicate with chair."
lol idek what i'm doing XD
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 4 10
Whatcha Doin' Today?:~Shinya x Reader AU crack
Y/N internally yelled,peering through her binoculars at the sexy albino man in the building opposite to hers.Luckily for the Crazed woman,Shinya's bathroom window was a few metres across her little "Peephole of heaven"As Y/N calls it.Therefore meaning she could perv on Shinya every time he took a shower.Poor guy.He should really purchase a Shower curtain if he ain't gonna put blinds on his windows.
Y/N had drool running down from the corner of her mouth.She watched Shinya run a hand through his hair with youthful vigor.Her eyes trailed down from his soaking chest,To his rippling abs to his.....
What the fuck....Steam is supposed to rise.Dammit quit defying gravity and let me see my prince's family jewels
Y/N leaned so far forward that she found herself tumbling out of the small window.Being the fabulous gymnast she is she grabbed onto the closest ledge to her.She had managed to hoist herself up onto the ledge and loo
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 14 35
Please don't leave me~Japan x Reader PROLOGUE
"When will this meeting end?"C/N silently moaned as she slumped back into her seat earning a giggle from her Polish friend sitting across from her.C/N whipped out her phone and was taken back by the amount of messages she had just recieved.Oh...and whaddya know The main culprit Poland.She smirked at this and typed as fast as her fingers could.
So bored right nao :( Sent by Y/N_is_Treesus
Omg Ikr like this place is so drab!They could at least paint it Hipster Pink.Sent By Pink_Patrol
Wait...wheres England he never misses a meeting. Sent by Y/N_is_Treesus
England can like get sick too you know XD .sent by Pink_Patrol
well kk.Yo look at Lithy why is he panting? Sent By Y/N_is_Treesus
Oh wow....he like needs to stop doing this every time he sits with Belarus XD Sent by Pink_Patrol
Omg....Is he srsly fapping -_- .....Sent By Y/N_is_Treesus
Just Like you do when Japan looks at you ;p Sent By Pink_Patrol 
Y/N immediately looked up to see Poland with a HUGE shit eating grin
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 8 0
20 Ways To Win Him Over:Ferid Bathory.Ver~ONS
Hiya there!You must be Ferid's new victim-I MEAN Lover...yes lover!Since Ferid deserves Trash that can rival his own trash,i'll teach you ways to destroy the trash lord at his own game.Oh seems like you're ahead of the game!You are a trashcan...Ferid you've got some strange fetish man.
1.)Ferid cross dresses.There is a high chance that he'll look sexier than you'll ever be so one little piece of advice.Don't get jealous and don't PUT HIM DOWN.You should cross dress as well!Ferid will be so proud of you if you do.
2.) Carry at least a Factories worth of condoms.This guy has a strangely active libido so he wants to fuck anything that breathes ,and if you don't carry a condom,Well you're gonna get pregnant then you're gonna fuckin' die.Ferid will then laugh at your dead body then eat your baby,cuz he's a trashy scumbag.
3.)Ferid likes to collect the  heads of his victims in jars (sorry not sorry manga readers ;P)
You should go on a mass killing spree and try
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 4 13
20 Ways To Win Him Over:Yoichi Saotome.Ver~ONS
Hmm...So you're the one dating my baby boy?What was that?SHUT UP I MAY BE UNDER 20,BUT YOICHI IS STILL MY SON YOU PIECE OF FAP!Gahh...sit your ass down now you succubus.Ima run you through the dos and don'ts of Yoi's own preferences...
1.)Precious Yoi loves candy.If you walk up to him with your bag Full of Strawberry Pocky and Cookies and Cream Hershey bars©,He will flip his lid and cry cute baby tears of happiness!If you manage to make this happen...Then i will fuck you up!ONLY I,YOICHI'S MOTHER, MAKE HIM CRY HAPPY TEARS.
2.)*ahem* Sorry ,bout that....Lets pretend that never happened okay?So,Yoichi likes being hugged,but no ordinary hug will satisfy him.He Fucking loves sitting on your lap while you sing to him.Ain't he adorable!!!
3.)You gotta punch every single one of his bullies in the face hole.Yeah sure Yoichi can fight,but why should he when you're around?You better destroy  every single one of those sons of slutty-w
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 4 21
20 Ways To Win Him Over:Shinya HiragiVer~ONS
OH MY GOD!!!WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN SHINYA'S HOUSE?Its because your on a date with the Shinya you say?Cool!Let me tell you a couple things you should know about this majestic albino toast muncher.
1.Shinya likes it when you build pillow forts with him.You could walk into the bedroom with your sexiest lingerie on  and say "Paint me like one of your french girls."In a British accent and he'll undoubtedly reply,"Aww but N/N,I'd rather build a pillow fort."
And do you wanna know something about Shinya?He knows when you're sexually frustrated and my God he enjoys every minute of your frustration.
2.You better make him toast with some home-made marmalade every morning you piece of horse meat.Shinya's life revolves around this shit,so you'd better get started on some marmalade recipes you filthy crumb!
3.You must-and i repeat-MUST BE THE OPPOSITE OF MAHIRU BARTHOLOMEW HIRAGI.Ok Bartholomew isn't her real name,but you get my emphasis-ism-ing...Right?Shinya fought his entire life to
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 13 18
20 Ways To Win Him Over:Guren Ichinose Ver~ONS
Welcome to 20 ways to win over Guren Ichinose.Since you clearly are Guren's lover i think its only fair that I help you in your romantic escapades!I mean,You clearly don't know jack shit 'bout my dad...Welp since your potentially my new step Momma have this gift.
Pay attention you goat I will now teach you bout my Papa's turn ons and turn offs!
1.You gotta know how to use Sarcasm at the right moment!Guren doesn't want a Tsundere as a lover,He wants a Sweet yet Sassy woman who don't need no man(Besides him of course).
2.Guren doesn't really give a flying fuck about your body type You fuckin' shallow-minded Mary-Sue!He just wants a woman who can work whatever she's got.
3.Guren loves women who have a strange view on their surroundings so he usually finds heretics very interesting.Don't take this too seriously,If you're a chick who licks that unknown stain in the bathroom get the fuck out!Guren likes unique girls not creepy as fuck  Bitches mmm
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 14 17
Fragile Souls:~Makoto Narumi x Reader ONS Fluff
It was late noon in Shibuya,everyone HAD left the premises of the Vampire Extermination unit complex.All was quiet.The sun disappeared beneath the horizon,Its orange glow sHifting into a range of deep lilacs and peach and Stars had began to sparkle in the canvas of twilight.  
The atmosphere felt sombre yet reassuring as
You and what remained of your squad,Which instead of five now consisted of three,sat outside of the Vampire extermination unit HQ.You all sat at your usual table not saying a single  word to each other just staring at the fleeting landscape around you.You and your squad are all nineteen years old and have know each other for a decade so the two deaths hit you all  hard.
"Y/N?"Your best friend/Squad member Rei said ,finally breaking the silence,placing her hand on your shoulder in an attempt to get your attention.You hummed in response,averting your gaze from the shifting sky unfolding before you so they could meet Rei's crimson ones.
"Do you think Tomoko
:iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 10 1
WoohyunPlz by Kookie-Chewer WoohyunPlz :iconkookie-chewer:Kookie-Chewer 4 1


400 to 1000 word x Reader one shot
It can be any anime of your choice as long as I've heard of it.If do you chose to to pay for a commission  it will be up within four days.

And if you haven't got any points its cool! I will happily do a trade for some art or a fic!


NARUTO - Yamanaka Ino by AlienOrihara NARUTO - Yamanaka Ino :iconalienorihara:AlienOrihara 3,114 182 [Comm] Catseye  by SqueakySyrup [Comm] Catseye :iconsqueakysyrup:SqueakySyrup 16 6 Ask or Dare |EreNa| #2 by Rlikashi Ask or Dare |EreNa| #2 :iconrlikashi:Rlikashi 6 9 Owari no Seraph: Streetracer!AU 2/4 by Dessa-nya Owari no Seraph: Streetracer!AU 2/4 :icondessa-nya:Dessa-nya 252 5 Owari no Seraph: Streetracer!AU 1/4 by Dessa-nya Owari no Seraph: Streetracer!AU 1/4 :icondessa-nya:Dessa-nya 253 9 Owari no Seraph: Streetracer!AU 3/4 by Dessa-nya Owari no Seraph: Streetracer!AU 3/4 :icondessa-nya:Dessa-nya 272 8 Owari no Seraph: Saito x Ferid x Guren by Dessa-nya Owari no Seraph: Saito x Ferid x Guren :icondessa-nya:Dessa-nya 202 3 ~Moonlight Lovers~*^_^* by Sarang-Lee ~Moonlight Lovers~*^_^* :iconsarang-lee:Sarang-Lee 513 519 Eskimo Kiss by viannilla Eskimo Kiss :iconviannilla:viannilla 12 4 Owari no Seraph: Mika by Dessa-nya Owari no Seraph: Mika :icondessa-nya:Dessa-nya 375 8 Ash and bone [+speedpaint] by Cakeindafridge Ash and bone [+speedpaint] :iconcakeindafridge:Cakeindafridge 1,154 133 [Kisekae] UPDATED Danganronpa 2 Girls by swagg-boii [Kisekae] UPDATED Danganronpa 2 Girls :iconswagg-boii:swagg-boii 63 80 Heart Defensor by JenLaFayette Heart Defensor :iconjenlafayette:JenLaFayette 7 9 Pixel Pudding by kawaiipuff Pixel Pudding :iconkawaiipuff:kawaiipuff 120 6 Effect Test 004 by Endergirl214 Effect Test 004 :iconendergirl214:Endergirl214 4 8 dab by MiaowKat dab :iconmiaowkat:MiaowKat 80 21




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pls buy me a turquoise goat

my husband PNG: Jackson GOT7 by chazzief
My son [RENDER#01] GOT7- BAMBAM (Girls Girls Girls) by Regine22


I'll start writing fics after the GCSE's guys <3
Thanks for 100 watchers guys ^^
take these four wonderful girls as a gift from me

my mood right now :D


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